Ultimate Business Forum
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Historically, it is seen that every downturn brings with it unique opportunities. Winners focus on these and grow while some others may get bogged down by the challenges. The Ultimates is a group of forward thinking business owners and professionals in Singapore.
We firmly believe that the so-called slowdown in the economy can, in fact, be turned around into a period of grasping unseen possibilities. The SMEs with the right mind set will achieve new breakthroughs and bring about business consolidation during this time.
Sharing positive energy and rubbing shoulders with supportive industry peers and thought-leaders will give them that shot in the arm. This will allow SME’s to immerse themselves in valuable perspectives from industry leaders and individuals who have emerged victorious through many such daunting business cycles.
“The Ultimate Business Forum” is a “Learn and Grow” Networking platform meant to create meaningful business connections and opportunities.